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Just read about us and know more about us. Onchatting is created on mid of 2014 and still running as a successful online video chat room for all ages without any interruption. What else we have in our chat room and what makes us special and unique compared to all chat room.

We provide you better chat with good experienced moderators to monitor our chat rooms. Are you worried about our rules and regulations? If you are in here to chat and have fun with peoples then you don't have to get worried about our mods, administrators and rules. What we all do while you chat in our chat rooms? We just sit and take watch the room from our administrator or moderator account, to ensure everything going alright based on chat rules and procedure.

Do we guys chat in our chat rooms and have a common chat with all peoples in our chat rooms? Yes, we do because we all are humans we do chat with all chat regulars and new comers. How do we chat? We chat like friends and brothers/sisters who care about each other.

How does our chat works? It works with a high speed dedicated server hosted in USA Data-center and our server contains java, flash configured chat system that keeps all chatters together in same place with better performance instantly.

Our Chat rooms and servers are faster than other chat room servers and chat box. Its live and instant without any time difference to deliver the chatters chat messages. Once a chatter sends message to another people it takes just few micro seconds to deliver the message to another people who connected with out chat. We provide free webcam chat room and more other features like image sharing option, file sharing option, private chat, whisper chat, public chat, lobby chat, mobile chat and more.

What do you expect more from an flash chat room that provides all these options for free not just that, we provide it for free without registration. Who all access to our chat room as a guest member can also get all these free options without any extra penny need to spend. So we call our chat room as non registration free chat room. Is it free sex chat room? Does our chat room looks like an sex chat room for you?. No, its not free sex chat room or paid sex webcam whores chat room. If it looks like sex chat room or hot girls webcam video chat, then please logout from our chat rooms and leave right now. Please find a better place for you to talk about sex and hot cam girls.

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