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This is the common chat rules and you have to follow all our chat rules in-order to chat and stay in our video chat rooms.

  • Do not spam/flood chat room with unwanted text messages or website links.

  • Do not advertise any website links or flood chat with skype id, kik ids and more other social accounts.

  • Do not share your personal details with others and keep yourself safe from danger. (Chat Safety)

  • Do not share or send adult porn images, videos or files. Child porn's and animal porn's are strictly not allowed in our chat room.

  • Do not go nude on public webcam. Boys are not allowed to jerk off on webcam. Girls are not allowed to show their private parts by flashing on webcam.

  • Use only English in these following rooms (Video Chat, Teen Chat, Adult Chat, Lesbian Chat).

  • Do not abuse other chatters including ( VIP, Moderators and Admins ). Do not forget that your IP address and computer details will be stored in our system to track you down if you make any kind of illegal activities. We do not provide your IP address in public view. All details will be forwarded to concern department authority to make sure we follow International Laws.

  • Do not use any kind of inappropriate ( nickname, chat name, username ) in our chat room. We strictly not allow users to use unwanted words as nick names in chat name list.

Note: Information and rules that provided above are common rules which applies for all rooms in our chat room list. We can only provide you chat tips, information, safety tips and more other regulation orders to keep you safe from danger. All we can do is, we can serve but we can't make you to do something. So you have to take care of yourself to protect from danger and unwanted feature problems through online. Because we either don't know who else using our chat room website and how do they look like and from where they have arrived. So you have to give first priority to safety of yours.

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