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We all knew that there are thousands of chat websites are online and active with more peoples on it. Few of them are free to use and few of them are hard to use. If you are not sure just search for chat rooms in any search engine. Just make sure you go to all websites on the first page of search result. Now you can figure out, abut what i'm talking and why i want you to search by yourself on those websites. There is another topic and category on online chatting are registered chat room and non registered chat rooms too. So which category we are?. We are non register chatting website without any extra request. No need email account, no need mobile numbers, no need location, no need address, no need bank account, no need any payment tho.

So what else you can do in here?. The answer is more than that you imagine. We have flash chat room and you do not need any special information from you guys to chat. But email account is needed to sign up in our Forum and Social page. Now you may get small doubt that appears on your thought why we need to sign up with email account. You need email id to get notification from us, updates and more from our website.

Now you need to know more about our forum page? Ok we talk about our website design, suggestion. Other topics like Health, Science, Internet, Lethal Hacking, Jokes, Movies, Games, Computer tips and tricks to learn and more. That is all we can do in your forum? common man sounds crazy and stupid. Ok this is what you think right? Here is more you need, talk about family stuffs, articles, exams, history, news, travelling, software's and more.

So don't you guys have Blog or something else to get official updates and more from ?. Yes we do have our own blog page too.

So that's the way we get updates from you? We need to visit your website or blog page daily to check the updates from you?. No, we have our own official Facebook Page, Twitter Page, Pinterest Page and more other social network pages too.

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